November 2019


which Breitling watch is worth to buy for college students

As a student, young adults are already shaping their futures or carving a path that will continue to define their true selves. That definition needs to exude quality, style, and class. What other way could there be to create an aura of refinement than by wearing a beautiful watch? And no watch spells effortless elegance more explicitly than a beautiful Breitling.

No Better Way To Create A First Impressionbreitling-navitimer for job iterview

At a job interview, on a train, or meeting a potential love interest, you only have one chance to create a first impression. Students need to say so much without words and rely on clothing and accessories to create a lasting image. Noted for their intelligence, students need to show their savvy acumen. A Breitling watch, like the Navitimer, tells the world you not only recognize quality when you see it but know how to make an investment that will bring profit and joy for many years to come. This is more than just a time-piece. This is a way of life, a medal of honor, a symbol of excellence.

Breitling Makes You Attractivebreitling Chronomat watch for student

Future employers will want to know if you can make effective decisions. Your Breitling, such as the Chronomat, immediately reflects your ability to choose the most reputable watch that will last longer than any of its competitors. Or, for the adrenalin junkie amongst us, a selection of Breitlings are also suitable for high octane sports and even deep sea diving. Try the Colt, the Professional or the Superocean models for a bespoke range of features. A Breitling is the luxury item that can boost your self-esteem and spells success, ready to pave the way for further achievement.

Investing In The FutureBreitling-Watches-as-an-Investment

Money might be in short supply for many students during their college years, relying on part-time jobs, savings or the Bank of Mom and Dad to get them through. You might think an expensive watch would be out of reach until their careers take off and the dollars start rolling in. This would be wrong. A Breitling is the perfect gift from a loved one and a memorable souvenir of a birthday or coming-of-age that would last for eternity. It is the sign of taste and good sense which can stand you in good stead for a future in great company.

Superiority and StyleFashion people wearing Breitling watch

The name Breitling is synonymous with the best watch-making reputation in all of Switzerland. Famed for their horological expertise, the Swiss themselves held Breitling in high esteem and this reputation has only strengthened over generations. With perfect chronography and superior styling, you can be sure your Breitling is an exclusive design that will never lose its appeal.

Best choice for tough guy: Breitling Avenger Swiss Air Force Team Limited Edition watch review

The Swiss Air Force’s “Patrouille Suisse” air show team is known worldwide for its remarkable flight shows. Breitling has launched the Avenger Swiss Air Force Team Limited Edition watches to celebrate its 55th anniversary with a limited edition of 550.

In 1964, the Swiss Air Force carefully selected some of the most talented pilots and set up a special aerobatic team called Patrouille Suisse. Today, 55 years later, this flight show team is flying in the sky in Switzerland and other European countries, and performing flying stunts through six supersonic jets to feast the audience. In order to pay tribute to these Swiss ambassadors flying at high altitudes, Breitling designed a new watch: Avenger Swiss Air Force Team Limited Edition.

For the opportunity of celebrating this important anniversary of the Patrouille Suisse air show with a limited edition chronograph, Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling, is looking forward to it. He said: Patrouille Suisse’s flight show team and Breitling are partners with tacit understanding. The compact supersonic jet formations bloom in the air, and the Patrouille Suisse air show team interprets our long-standing aviation tradition in a perfectly modern way. We are excited about this watch designed for its 55th anniversary. ”

The watch is equipped with a 45 mm steel case and a ratchet unidirectional bezel. The striking black dial features the Patrouille Suisse air show team’s logo on the small dial at 9 o’clock. The striking yellow and red complement the color of its logo. The yellow-tipped second hand adds a touch of brilliance to the watch. The pointer and black scale are coated with Super-LumiNova® luminous coating to ensure excellent readability under all lighting conditions.

The case back of the watch is engraved with the logo of the 55th anniversary of the Patrouille Suisse air show team – a uniquely styled number “55” and six flying supersonic jets – and the letter “ONE OF 550” which marks its limited-edition special identity”.

Powered by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC)-certified Breitling 13 chronograph movement, the power reserve is approximately 48 hours and the water resistance is 30 atmospheres (300 meters). This special limited-edition Avengers watch features a pin-and-button lint-color leather military strap.

Breitling is proud to introduce the pilots of three talented “Patrouille Suisse” air show teams who will play an important role in the success of launching this anniversary limited edition watch. Major Gunnar Jansen joined the Swiss Air Force’s Patrouille Suisse flight show team in 2010 and has led the formation for the past three years. Colonel Claudius Meier is in the second echelon, on the right side of the long plane. Colonel Lukas Nannini, the second lone man, flew the fifth place on the outside of the left-wing and formed the action team together.