Five Things You May Not Know About Breitling

1. Focus on R&D and Manufacturing High Performance Watches

Founded in 1884, Breitling founder Leon Breitling established the Breitling Company. Initially, the company produced timers such as pocket watches. In 1914, it began producing watches with countdown and luminous for the military. In 1915, Gsinceton Breitling developed the first chronograph watch, which is the first aviation chronograph watch. Breitling kicked off the watchmaking in the aviation industry.

After that, Breitling separates the timing control system that handles start, stop, and zero from the crown. The first independent timing button was born, and the position of Breitling’s “Pioneer of Chronograph” was established.

In 1927, Breitling began to produce fine timers for the instrument panel of the aircraft cockpit. Since then, it has become more compatible with the aviation industry. Large aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing Douglas and Lockheed are all users of Breitling.

2. Independent Family Business Was Acquired

As a family business, Breitling has now gone through five generations of heads. Originally one of the few independent watchmakers in Switzerland, it ushered in the heyday of the brand in the 1990s and is now in a stagnant middle age.

In April 2017, it was acquired by CVC No. 6 Fund with an 80% stake in Breitling, with a total valuation of 800 million Euros. CVC Capital Partners (CVC) is Europe’s largest private equity and investment advisory firm headquartered in London. The head of the company said that with CVC’s expertise and international network, it is partner to bring Breitling to a higher level.

In August 2017, Georges Kern left the Richemont Group and became the CEO of Breitling brand, valuing the business development potential of Breitling.

He said that in the future, Breitling will have three product lines. One is a new watch re-developed based on the classic design elements of the brand history; one is a simple and elegant watch series; the last one is the brand’s current tough style professional watch series.

Whether Breitling can develop better, the future depends on whether it can pass the test of the market.

3. Interchange Movements with Tudor

Affected by the Swatchs external supply of ETA movements, many brands have begun to develop independent configuration movements, Breitling and Tudor are no exception.

Breitling launched the B01 self-produced chronograph movement in 2009, with a power reserve of 70 hours, a diameter of 30mm, a thickness of 7.2mm, an eccentric screw trimming device, a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour, a three-armed ring and a balance spring, and a number of rubies 47.

Navitimer 8 with self-produced B01 movement

Tudor’s self-produced movement MT5621 launched in 2015 has 70-hour power storage,  two-way automatic winding, COSC certification, quick-adjusting instantaneous jump calendar, stop seconds function, screw fine-tuning, silicon spring, vibration frequency 28800 times / hour, 31.8mm diameter , 6.5mm thickness and 26 diamonds.

Tudor Self-produced Movement MT5621

Because the development of the automatic chronograph movement is much more difficult than the ordinary central seconds movement, not to mention the self-produced movement is absolutely a good movement, so the two strong teams joined together and interchange movements.

After Breitling got the movement of Tudor, it was not a simple replica of the original movement. In addition to Tudor’s unique retouching, Breitling also improved the cumulative timer and improved the speed governing mechanism with silicon hairspring.

Introduced the B20 movement (a variant of the Tudor MT5612 movement) and equipped it with the New 42mm and 46mm Superocean Heritage II collection.

Breitling 42mm Superocean Heritage II Series Watch

Breitling 46mm Superocean Heritage II Series Watch

Breitling introduces the B20 movement (a variant of the Tudor MT5612 movement)

A large weakness of the Breitling B01 movement is adjusted by the traditional fast and slow needles. After the new calibre is obtained, the Tudor has replaced the silicon balance spring and the cardless screw fine adjustment.

The MT5813 calibre (a variant of the Breitling B01 chronograph movement) is certified by the COSC and provides up to 70 hours of power reserve through the bi-directional oscillating weight.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Chrono Collection Dark Brown Strap Watch

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Chrono Collection Dark Brown Strap Watch is Equipped with Breitling Self-produced MT5613 Movement

4. The Disappearing Wings

In 2018, Breitling has made great changes in the design of the watch. The most obvious one is to remove the original wing logo and replace it with B.

The winged B logo is not the prototype used by Breitling from the beginning. It was first introduced in the 1950’s timed prototype, and later evolved in the late 1970s for most styles.

Breiling Navitimer 1 Self-winding Watch

The Breitling with the B logo also began to change its image vigorously. In 2018, the series of simple styles of the Navitimer Chronograph 8 series was launched to make it more intimate, and the design that was simple and simplified was not consistent with the original toughness.

Breitling Superocean Heritage AB0162161C1A1

Whether it’s a new brand logo or the Breitling brand itself, everything has a feeling of re-starting. Many enthusiasts lamented that Breitling, who took off their wings, lost its unique characteristics. However, under the current trend of succinct aesthetics, Breitling may have made its own choices for the market, and everything has not yet been finalized.

5. How to Choose One Entry-level Breitling

The first feeling of Breitling is tough males, so the entry model should also have such characteristics. However, there is no recommendation for the popular Avenger series or Seawolf, because the entry-level watch has several standards, low price, resistance, brand characteristics, and brand genes.

Colt Automatic mechanical watch, the new version of the Superocean series retains the tough lines of Breitling, and caters to the contemporary mainstream size of 41mm, the movement is  Cal.17 modified by ETA2824-2, which reaches 40-hour power reserve, the water resistance is up to 200 meters, plus the careful workmanship of Breitling, the steel bracelet model is attractive, full of sincerity.

Breitling is as popular as Rolex and Omega in the luxury world, and it has its own advantages in terms of workmanship and practicality. 

Breitling’s Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Beautiful Panda Wristwatch AB0118221G1A1 Appeals Brad Pitt to Beijing for the First Time

Brad Pitt first came to Beijing? impossible? How could such a big “old” star and world superstar be the first time?

It turned out to be true! When Brad Pitt came to China in late November, 2018, he admitted that this was his first visit to Beijing. But this time, he was not released for a new movie, but was especially released for the new Swiss watch brand Breitling.

This is used a mobile to shot by the world famous photographer Peter Lindbergh

Who is Peter Lindbergh? Wow, the fashion industry has been shooting like this for many years…

Before saying this and taking the stage, Wu Yanzu had been waiting for him on the stage. There were many European stars, Chinese stars, Korean stars and Japanese stars sitting around him. This is the most powerful star lineup of the grand event since Breitling entered the Chinese market.

Handsome Masculine Wu Yanzu has been a martial arts champion

Pitt is the actor that most of us like. Sometimes, just a fascinating movie can make you a big fan of an actor. For Brad Pitt, everyone who loves his movie may be different. There are two Pitt movies that I can’t forget: “The Years of Love” (aka “Autumn Legend”) and “Love of the River”.

This time he came to Beijing, although he was able to see the Pitt deity for the first time, but I was more concerned about which watch he would wear. Although I knows that his watch must be arranged or delivered by the brand, the watch that matches him can be really attractive. In order to make a clear picture of the watch he wore, I stood in front of him.

There are traces of the years, and Pitt’s style is still. In order to make a clear picture of his handsome him and the watches he wears, this time, I also made an entertainment record, almost standing in front of him.

Pitt’s wrist is handsome, very handsome! Imagine if there is no watch, the scenery must be one less.

He is wearing the new “Panda Dial” chronograph from the Breitling Premier series: PREMIER B01 CHRONOGRAPH 42. The “Panda Dial” is a panda-like black and white dial, as the name implies. The two chronograph dials are black, like the two big eyes of a panda. Another famous “Panda Dial” chronograph is the Rolex black and white Daytona.

Breitling’s Premier B01 Chronograph 42 AB0118221G1A1

Case Diameter: 42MM

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Water Resistance: 100M

Movement: Self-made 01 Automatic Movement

Function: Hour, Minute, Second, Date, Chronograph

Power Reserve: 70 Hours

Price: USD 8,400.00

The Breitling Watches Without the “Wings” Can Still Be Active in Sea or Aviation, Three 2018 Most Popular Breitling Wristwatches Recommended for Men

In 2018, the Breitling logo ushered in a new change, that is the LOGO removed its wings and displayed it in the form of “B”. Many friends felt that the wings were the soul of Breitling, and the Breitling without wings lost their original taste and domineering. However, some friends feel that this change of simplicity is also caused by the influence of the times. The simple logo seems to be more in line with the aesthetic concept of modern people. In fact, it has good-looking domineering when with the “Wings”, and it will present exquisiteness without the “Wings”. Do you prefer the wings or not? Today, I will recommend three new Breitling watches for everyone.

Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Bentley Steel Green Strap Wristwatch

Reference: AB0118A11L1X1

Price: USD 8,500.00

Case Diameter: 42MM

Case Thickness: 13.65MM

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Water Resistance: 100 Meters (330 ft)

Movement: Self-winding Breitling 01 Mechanical Movement

Power Reserve: Min. 70 Hours

Functions: Hour-Minute-Second, Date, Small-seconds, Chronograph

This Premier B01 chronograph is a collaboration between the luxury car brands Bentley and Breitling. The watch has a 42 mm steel case. The grassy green dial features a contrasting black small seconds and 30-minute chronograph counters with a date display at 6 o’clock. The watch is equipped with Breitling’s self-made 01 movement and has a power reserve of 70 hours. The watch can be equipped with a green matte leather strap or a seven-row steel bracelet. Both of them are unique and eye-catching.

Breitling Navitimer 1 B01 Chronograph 46 Steel & Red Gold Automatic Wristwatch

Reference: UB0127211B1P1

Price: USD 10,990.00

Case Diameter: 46MM

Case Thickness: 14.51MM

Case Material: Steel

Water Resistance: 3 Bars

Movement: Self-winding Breitling 01 Mechanical Movement

Power Reserve: Min. 70 Hours

Functions: Hour-Minute-Second, Date, Small-seconds, Chronograph

The Navitimer chronograph 1 watch made of stainless steel is equipped with a 46 mm case, which is conspicuous on the wrist. The legibility of the dial and the circular aviation slide are optimized to give a new design. The black dial has a small seconds sub-dial, a 12-hour counter and a 30-minute counter chronograph, very practical. At the same time, the two-way rotating bezel and the ring-shaped aviation slider highlight the classic elements in the Navitimer timekeeping. The bezel is engraved with 60 grooves, each of which represents a one-minute scale. The watch is arrogant and tough, and the men wearing it are very handsome.

Breitling Superocean Héritage II B01 Chronograph 44 Steel Timepiece AB0162121B1S1

Reference: AB0162121B1S1

Price: USD 7,665.00

Case Diameter: 44MM

Case Thickness: 15.5MM

Case Material: Steel

Water Resistance: 200 Meters

Movement: Self-winding Breitling 01 Mechanical Movement

Power Reserve: Min. 70 Hours

Functions: Hour-Minute-Second, Date, Small-seconds, Chronograph

This watch is the new Superocean Héritage II B01 Chronograph watch launched this year. The 44 mm black dial with silver chronograph is particularly eye-catching. The three sub-dials in the center of the dial are arranged in order without being too compact, with a calendar display window between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock. The triangular luminous hour markers are particularly eye-catching on the black dial. The ratchet-type unidirectional bezel ensures the safety of the diving.

Summary: These three Breitling watches cover three areas of sea, land and aviation. The self-made 01 mechanical movement has high performance. Perhaps someone deplores the lost wings, but does not hinder the possession of a new Breitling without wings.

The History Behind the Breitling Navitimer Watch When Collide with the Dream of Flying in the Blue Sky

The world is always contradictory. For example, how many people who like wearing navitimer watches have never stepped into the cockpit? How many flight enthusiasts or private jet owners flying in the sky have not yet owned a real Navitimer watch? In order to alleviate this contradiction, I will only tell the the History Behind the Breitling Navitimer Watch When Collide with the Dream of Flying in the Blue Sky.

Breitling Navitimer World 46 MM Wristwatch

The professional Navitimer watch brand Breitling’s original circular flight slider, known as the “Navitimer Computer”, enables pilots to complete all flight-related calculations easily and quickly. Therefore, it is widely sought after by pilots and flight enthusiasts.

With the development of the world aviation industry, pilots need accurate and reliable instruments to assist safe flight.

As early as 1936, Breitling joined hands with the Royal Air Force to become its designated supplier and as the official watch of the World Association of Pilots (AOPA), and had a long-term and close cooperation with the international aviation community. To this end, the circular flight slider is designed to be a precision instrument that can help pilots complete all the calculations required to develop a flight plan and perform navigation. It is characterized by the design of the three most commonly used distance units in aeronautics: the “statutory miles”, “km” and “nautical miles”, as long as a number on the outer ring scale is aligned with one of these signs. The corresponding values of the other two units of the number can be read at a glance, which is unanimously favored by aviation professionals.

In 1952, Breitling assembled the circular flight slider onto the watch, named “Navitimer”, an abbreviation for “navigation” and “timer”. This sophisticated chronograph has many functions, and its basic principle is not complicated. It is a simple multiplication and division operation through the relative rotation of the inner and outer two scale circles, and thus derives many flight practical functions, such as average speed, flight distance, fuel consumption, rate of climb or descent, conversion of kilometers and miles or nautical miles, and even related calculations in daily life.

Today, this Navitimer World watch with a circular flight slider adds a new practical feature to its unique features–a dual time zone display with two hour hands in the center of the dial, respectively indicating the local time and domestic time by 12-hour time system and the 24-hour time system. Even in a complex and ever-changing space environment, pilots can easily identify day and night. The time zone of the world’s major cities is engraved. It is also a large model in the aeronautical chronograph series, with a large diameter of 46 mm, while maintaining excellent wearing comfort.

How to Use the Flight Slider:

  1. The Breitling movements have passed the rigorous Swiss Offical Chronometer Control (COSC), “100% ProduceChronometer Watch”,
  2. [Multiplication of two numbers] If 12×7 is to be calculated, the outer ring scale 12 is rotated to the position corresponding to the inner ring scale 10, and the outer ring value 84 corresponding to the inner ring scale 7 is the result of 12×7.
  3. [Dividing two numbers] To calculate 120÷4, simply rotate the outer ring scale 12 (=120) to the inner ring scale 40 (=4). At this time, the inner ring scale 10 corresponds to the outer ring. The value 30 is the result of 120÷4.
  4. [Distance Unit Conversion] To convert 1800 miles into kilometers or nautical miles, simply rotate the outer ring scale 18 (ie 1800) to the red circle of the inner circle (STAT). At this time, the inner circle is red. The outer ring value 29 corresponding to the reference scale (KM) means 2900 km of conversion, and the outer ring value of the inner circle red nautical reference mark (NAUT) is 15.6 nautical miles.

Whether it is an airplane or a flying watch, or both, or neither, it is meaningless. What is important is that we all have a heart of “flying”.

Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Bentley British Racing Green Extends the Relationship Between Breitling and Bentley, Opening a New Chapter in the Future

A Roll of Proud History, a Personal Feeling

Breitling has an indissoluble bond with the automotive industry for many years. Its airborne on-board timer, introduced as early as 1931, is also designed for use in car dashboards. Not only that, there is a personal feeling between Bentley and Breitling that dates back 70 years. Inventor of the second far-sighted independent timing button, the third generation of the brand’s founder, Willy Breitling, also a loyal owner of Bentley. Since the late 1940s, it has often been seen that this fashionable watchmaker drove one of his many Bentley cars between Geneva and La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Bentley Goes to Le Mans

Bentley is not only known for its luxury road cars, but also has a brilliant history of racing. Between 1924 and 1930, the famous “Bentley Boy” once won the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Moreover, this success does not stop just in the past. In 2003, Bentley returned to Le Mans and took another runner-up. At this year’s world-renowned endurance event, Breitling was not only fortunate to be the main sponsor of the Bentley team, but also created a limited edition “Bentley Le Mans” chronograph to celebrate the event.

Breitling and Bentley: both Elegance and Luxury

Breitling has long been known for its sturdy “professional wristwatch”, but it has also created many elegant and luxurious watches with a wider audience. On the occasion of Breitling and Bentley’s intensive exploration of how to write a new chapter in partnership, these two classic brands are looking forward to sharing all kinds of sophisticated new products with all the friends, and once again making a self introduction to the eyes of exquisite people around the world.

Breitling is proud to announce a new chapter in cooperation with the famous British luxury car manufacturer Bentley. The cooperation between the two brands began in 2003. At the time, Breitling was the first watch manufacturer to design a car timer for the Bentley flagship Continental GT.

Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling, is excited to continue his collaboration with Bentley. He said: “Bentley and Breitling have a highly consistent value. Both brands are known for their quality, performance and excellent design, and they are able to create a strong historical heritage in their respective fields. It is even more gratifying to write a new chapter on the history of the relationship.”

While celebrating the long-term relationship with Bentley, Breitling announced that it will add the Bentley Special Edition to its existing core product line, rather than just launching a separate Breitling for Bentley. Among the various extraordinary watches that are planned to be launched, the first one to be launched is the Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Bentley Steel Green AB0118A11L1X1. With an amazing 70-hour power reserve, this watch features the Breitling flagship homemade 01 movement and is unobstructed through a unique transparent back with a metal Bentley logo. The series of timepieces also have the engraving seal of the word “Bentley”, which was inspired by the 1929 Bentley “Blower” instrument panel with supercharged power.

Exquisite Dial

This watch has a striking British racing green dial with a matching British racing green leather strap or steel bracelet. The two sub-dials in sharp contrast to the dial are at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, and the date window is at 6 o’clock.

Special Meaning

Bentley will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2019, and Breitling plans to launch a special limited edition timepiece to pay tribute to the history of its partners’ century-old luxury car manufacturing.

In 2002, Adrian Hallmark, the Bentley sales and marketing director, signed a cooperation agreement with Breitling on behalf of the brand. He has become the chairman and CEO of Bentley. He said: “The long-lasting cooperation between Bentley and Breitling is a brilliant example. It shows us how the two brands that are cherishing each other make the two sides in a reliable way. The performance is icing on the cake. As the 100th anniversary celebration approaches, we certainly have to commemorate the success of the past, but more importantly, we must look forward to the future with enthusiasm for innovation. We have the same technology and exquisiteness as we do with Breitling. Craftsmanship and pioneering spirits will undoubtedly add confidence to our path ahead.”

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