Breitling Superocean Heritage Chronoworks® watch


Breitling Superocean Heritage Chronoworks® is a combination of superior performance and exclusive ‘engine’

Breitling combined the latest materials with advanced high technologies to design Breitling Superocean Heritage Chronoworks®, whose debut was at the Basel fair in 2016. The Limited Edition Breitling watch of 100 pieces sold for $ 39,295, five times more than Breitling ordinary Chronograph. Such high pricing made people wonder why it is worth.

High-tech movement is hard to be hidden in the overall black appearance. Breitling Superocean Heritage Chronoworks® is equipped with Caliber 01 Breitling Chronoworks® inspired by Caliber 01. As asuccessful movement, Breitling Caliber 01, self-winding chronograph movement, is furnished with a column wheel and longitudinal clutch. Its power reserve extends to 70 hours. In order to improve higher performance of Caliber 01, engineers and watchmakers have succeeded in increasing the power reserve from 70 to 100 hours, thanks to five major efficiency-enhancing innovations. The new improved version is Caliber 01 Breitling Chronoworks®.

In order to reduce the friction coefficient of the axle, baseplate and bridges are made of high-tech ceramics. In fact, this material has been used as an additive in the lubricant of high performance engines, but it is used for advanced watchmaking for the first time. Thanks to the low coefficient of friction, the shaft tip can be placed directly in the holes of the baseplate, without the protection of the ruby holes. Also it can reduce the loss of kinetic energy under
lubricant-free situation. Hence, the total number of ruby alxes has been reduced from 47 to 36.

In fact, the watch movement is in stopped state in 95% of the time, but it loses the energy every time when we restart it. In order to avoid lower the loss, Breitling adopted silicon to produce three of the most important wheels:
center wheel, third wheel and fourth wheel since silion is only half as weighty as ordinary material. These wheels are made by DRIE (deep reaction ion etching) process, which makes the whole structure more stable.

Most of energy losses occurs in motion of the escapement system, so escape system is another part need to be improved. Silicon lever and escape wheel can reduce the weight of Swiss lever escapement and the inertia in operation effectively. Optimized escape wheel makes he effective utilization rate of barrel kinetic energy increase by 42%.

Balance wheel combines the nickel ring with the brass spoke to reduce the inertia by thermal variation suppression.
Besides, it is also equiped with four metal weights, aiming at adjusting the accuracy.

Seconds pinion with elastic toothing is another important nerve center in the longitudinal clutch system and timing components. It connects the base to timing components, so that the gear teeth are more attached to the grid. It works in eliminating the friction of traditional springs and improving the transmission efficiency.

Breitling adopted matt ceramic case to show powerful and modern appearance. The operation process of Caliber 01 Breitling Chronoworks® can be seen clearly through transparent back. The design for rubber weaving band borrowed from steel weaving band.